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    Warning System


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    Warning System

    Post by Mad on Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:03 pm

    (Note that staff are sometimes effected by the warning system incorrectly meaning if you observe a member of staff with warnings please ignore it, if you have been wrongly effected by the warning system please contact an Administrator)

    The warning system is a newly developed functional system used to warn and ban people:

    2 Warnings: 1 day ban
    4 Warnings: 5 day ban
    6 Warnings: 1 week ban
    8 Warnings: 2 week ban
    10 Warnings: Permanent Ban
    Offence: 1 Warning
    SEVERE OFFENCE: 4 Warnings and a week ban
    EXTREME OFFENCE(Requires admin approval): Permanent Ban

    An offence can be anything from spamming to swearing

    A severe offence is usually a long the lines of slandering admins or abusing the clan for purposes of scamming and abuse of a user (especially when concerning games)

    An extreme offence is a very unlikely serious offence usually used by the admins

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