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    "Flame" A CC Story


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    "Flame" A CC Story

    Post by Mad on Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:15 pm

    Current Character List:

    Mad Creeper King Of Anime: Mad
    Ivan: Ivan
    Red x 8952: Red
    Grey Fullbuster: Grey
    Jawad: Jawad
    Merely: Merelets
    Mr. Penguin: Pengo
    The Pixel: Pix
    BillyBoo: Billy
    PB Ace: PB
    Horus: Horus
    Superxtreme: Super
    Gdog: Gdog
    Cosmic Cow: Cosmic
    SirKewberth: SirK
    Siddy: Sid
    Dark Creeper: Dark
    Becky Queen Of Love: Becky
    Nano Slime: Nano
    ThisIsNotSlim: Slim
    Sauke Uchiha: Sasuke
    FlameB: Flame
    Shellzenspace:  Shellz
    *Mazik*: Mazik
    Ahlissafox7: Ahlissa
    Bling Bling: Bling
    BrandonXFlame: Brandon
    Cat Amp: Cat
    >>Da Legand<<: Legand
    Ninjybro: Ninjy
    Deadredsheep: Dead
    Wurf: Wurf
    *Madame Angel*: MA
    *Dreadful KnoP*: KnoP
    Nolana: Nolana
    Hinter: Hinter
    Cortana: Cortana
    The Harpy: Harpy
    =Andry=: Andry
    BJDware: BJD
    Betamax: Beta
    CubeSensei: Cube
    OkByMe: OBM
    Gollum: Gollum
    Professional Killer: Prof
    >pyswar<: Pys

    Off-Game Character List:

    Chapter One The Krampus Games:

    (In Creeper's Realm)
    System: Red x 8952 has entered
    Red: MAD!
    Mad: Yeah? and ummm Hi?
    Red: Hi and did you hear about the Krampus Games?
    Mad: Yes I think it would be hard to keep a score of who did and dident out of every user Red
    Red: -_- Soooo what do you think?
    Mad: There is alot of qbees trying to win the Krampus Red
    System: Ivan has entered
    Mad: Hi Ivan
    Red: Hi
    Ivan: Hi Red hi Mad
    Red: Ok so where was I oh yeah well it is worth a shot at least.
    Mad: I know I am doing it, never assume
    Red: -_-
    Mad: Me and Pixel are making a build for the games
    Red: Can me and Ivan help out?
    Mad: I don't see why not
    Red: Cool
    Ivan: Me and Red got to go eat now
    Red: Why did you have to say that XD... Bye Mad
    Mad: Cya Red cya Ivan
    Ivan: Cya
    System: Ivan just left
    System: Red x 8952 just left
    System: Mad Creeper King Of Anime just left
    (In "BillyBoo")
    System: Mad Creeper King Of Anime and Zeref have entered
    Billy: Hi Mad
    Mad: Hi Billy
    (Random users talk like crazy)
    Mad: So much chat
    Brandon: Yes it gets really loud
    Billy: Agreed
    Mad: *cover up ears*
    Cat Amp: xD
    Mad: I need to get some work done in my realm for the Krampus games Cya
    System: Mad Creeper King Of Anime just left
    (In a random shop)
    System: Mad Creeper King Of Anime and Zeref have entered
    Mad: Hi Pix
    The Pixel: Hi Mad
    Mad: Ready to start the build
    The Pixel: Sure
    Mad: TP
    System: Mad Creeper King Of Anime Just left

    Chapter 2 Biting More Then I Can Chew:

    "So what are you thinking Pix?" Mad Asked.
    "I'm thinking maybe we bit more then we can chew" Pix Replied.
    "I haven't eaten anything today, did you have too many frost-berry pies again?" Mad asked.
    "It was an idiom -_-" Pix responded.
    "Idiom?" Mad said.
    "Really?" Pix asked.
    "No of course not, I would be stupid not to know what an idiom is" Mad said.
    Suddenly Mad and Pix looked up at the stadium realm containing no less then 1000 users.
    "Emmmm Sabotage?  Bombs? Nuke? Hack Rocket Launcher?" Mad Asked.
    "Whoa hold it there" Pix responded .
    "Just kidding, chill" Mad said.
    "Thank God" Pix said.
    "You really thought I was serious?" Mad asked.
    "Noooooooooo" Pix replied (Eyes roll to the side).
    "Hmmmm why don't I belive that?" Mad asked.
    "Maybe" Pix said.
    As Mad looked around he could see some qbees he recognized: Mr. Penguin (Yeah Mad is doomed), Mazik (Again a good builder), =Andry= (Speechless), Cat Amp (Not a bad builder but not nearly as good as the previous on this list) and BrandonXFlame (Again not bad). It was surprising Billy did not come yet again he does stay in his realm a lot. and here comes PB and Merelets (Must admit Merelets is not the most best builder here but PB it uis said he is not bad at building at all).
    "Hi Merelets, Hi Pulse Bomb Ace" Mad said.
    "Hey Mad -_-" Merelets replied.
    "It's not Pulse Bomb Ace" PB responded.
    "Wait I did not know that!" Mad said.
    "Yes you did I told you countless times in the past -_-" PB said in response.
    "XD" I said. Suddenly SirKewberth entered with BillyBoo
    "Hello everyone and welcome to the 2015 Cubic Krampus Games. This year BillyBoo will be hosting it with me" SirKewberth announced.
    "Hello everyone" Billy said.
    "Lucky Billy" Mad said.
    "Mr. Penguin was in his spot last year" Pix said.
    "Really?" Mad asked
    "Yep" Mr. Penguin replied
    "Wow" Mad said.
    "Look!" Pix shouted.
    "WOW!" Mad said in response.

    Chapter 3 Revenge Of An Old Enemy:

    "The Golden Krampus" Mad said
    Suddenly a giant pillar opened up and split into four ramps up to a small stone alter containing the Golden Krampus.u
    "One of you yes one of you will soon hold this trophy but first the rules ah hem" SirKewberth said
    "NOT SO FAST!" a familiar voice shouted
    All of a sudden FlameB was flying down from the cubic sky with a red admin tag.
    "I will take that Golden Krampus then all of CC will be mine even if I have to take it by force" FlameB said
    SirKewberth quickly pulled out a special item.
    "COSMIC, BETA, HARPY, MABZ GET HERE NOW QUICK!" SirKewberth talked into the item before putting it back down into his inventory
    "This cant be" Billy said
    "Seems it is this can't be the end, I called the admin team"
    Suddenly Dread, OBM, Gdog, Sid, Nolana, Cortana, Super, Horus, Cube, Hinter, MA, Beta, Cosmic, Mabz and Harpy entered.
    "JESUS!" Cosmic Said
    "Who gave him admin powers?" Cosmic asked
    "I DID!" FlameB said
    "I hacked the game all your little stupid minds can't comprehend what I can do in fact I hacked everything I would recommend getting away while you can" FlameB said
    "NO!" said Dread
    Dread started shooting from his rocket launcher and all the other staff joined in using their weapons to fend off Flame but it was going to take something stronger to beat the new god of CC.
    "Pathetic attempts to harm me" Flame said
    "Let me show you how to muster TRUE POWER!" Flame said as he knocks all the staff back but one
    "LEAVE THIS GAME NOW SCAMMER, HACKER IN ANY WAY AN EVIL PLAYER!" Horus shouted as far as a broadcast can reach.
    "Want to go.. well I don't I have work to do wait other in another cubic dimension k? cool" Flame said as he shot a blast of enegy at Horus ending in him vanishing.
    "HEY!" Pengo said
    "Whats this? out first victim okely bokely shizzly flame bunny do I look like dat girl called Sue WAIT WHAT!" Flame responded
    Pengo lunged at Flame but Flame sent an energy wave going through his heart leaving him bleeding at a massive rate on the ground.
    "FLAMEB!!!!" Mad called out as he started shooting explosive blasts at Flame
    "Excuse me but that tickles" FlameB said just before doing the same as what he did to Pengo to Mad.
    "Anyone else like to join them?"
    FlameB asked
    "You son of a biscuit you freaking bunny llama evil qbee!" Pix said while turning into mini Pixels and attacking Flame suddenly a black figure appeared with a bright pink hat he shot blue beams of light at Flame weaking him he pushed Pix back revealing himself to be the one and only BJDware
    "GO GO!" BJD said
    "NO!!!!!" Pix said as ye knocked BJD aside.Pix noticed his Pixels were decaying when they touches the surface of FlameB's Robe. He reformed into one quickly but suddenly collapsed, there it was the death of three close friends.
    "He might be right quick ZEN VA CAN DO FISH FINGERS MA TO GO HA PAN DA PEPSI PIZZA LLAMA MARIO MIX TODA FO IFJ OSKI PFK PSKF PFFF" Cosmic chanted and everyone but FlameB was gone
    "Come fourth the chickens have flead infect and rule CC not even he who follows the path of the pink hat can not stop us now!" Said FlameB

    Chapter 4 Master Plan W.I.P:

    "Cosmic it may be too late" BJD said
    "We have to have faith" Cosmic said
    "In what?" SirK asked
    "Everything" Cosmic replied
    "Yes we must push on" Harpy said
    "Indeed" Mabz said
    "I suppose you are right but we will need some temporary help" SirK responded
    "Temporary Moderators?" Cosmic asked
    "Great idea but who?" BJD asked
    "I have an idea" SirK replied
    "This is a drastic turn of events so I think we may yes have to recruit some temporary mods come" Beta said
    The bunch walked over to some users.
    "*Mazik*, Nano Slime, ThisIsNotSlim, Gollum, =Andry=, >>Da Legand<<, Wurf, PB Ace, Professional Killer and >pyswar< you have been selected to be temporary moderators while this hack stands" SirK said

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    Re: "Flame" A CC Story

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