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    Post by Mad on Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:12 pm

    New (starter rank)

    Rookie (10 posts getting there)

    Social (50 posts You are a good member to have here always joining in)

    Familiar (100 posts you are a familiar user we always know from finding your forum posts)

    Dedicated (500 posts you are a dedicated member to are forums thank you for being such an active user we are grateful to have you as an asset to are forums.

    Ultimate (650 posts you are more then an amazingly active user and have obviously stayed for a long time thanks)

    Elite (800 posts this shows that you are one active user you should stay that way the forums love having active users and we are all very grateful)

    Master (1000 posts WOW you have stayed for this long and shown more then dedication to these forums it is truth that you are an amazing user that we should all be lucky to have so CONGRATS if you have earned this so many thanks)

    Original Member (These members have been around since the begging of the AGC Team and community, they have most of the main forum mod permission but are generally here to make sure everything on the forums is going good and well)

    V.I.P (Specially chosen members that generally help out)

    Beta Tester (These can be members which existed before the beta launc, staff or just chosen members who are asked to help out with beta testing)

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